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The Best Of 2017-2021 Vinyl Doppel LP 180g incl. CD (11/2022)

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40.00 € incl. shipping
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When I started making music in the 80s, the big dream was to make a record or even better a double LP:

Here it is, the gatefold double LP including a CD version! After the first Best Of LP &quot;Pretty damn Good So Far&quot; (Limited Edition) sold out pretty quickly, this new Best Of 2017-2021 gem comes in a gatefold sleeve with colored vinyl, just in time for the band&#39;s five-year anniversary.


Plate 1 (Hot&#39;n&#39;Spicey, red vinyl) contains the faster pieces, this is where it really gets going, the second plate (Blue&#39;n&#39;Lonely, blue vinyl) contains the most popular ballads and slow blues pieces by the Kassler Trio, just right for a glass of red wine in the moonlight :)

Attention this package is only available as a vinyl/CD combo and not as a download!

Andreas Diehlmann- Guitar/Organ/Vocals

Jorg Sebald- Bass

Volker Zeller- Bass

Tom Bonn- drums

Total playing time: 74:25 Available from mid-December

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