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Live 2019 CD (03/2019)

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Also available as MP3!

On March 1st, 2019 the band's first live CD will be released with their third album . This was recorded in the Theaterstübchen , the legendary Kasseler Live Club , known for concerts with international blues and jazz greats . The energy and joy of playing the trio was captured almost perfectly in this recording. A highlight for guitar and blues rock fans.


Sound analysis writes: ... Andreas Diehlmann is one of the best guitarists on the German market . No question, the man moves in the style of Hendrix, Gallagher or SRV and underlines quite boldly that he is at Champions League level .


Munich Talk writes: The finest blues with a good dose of rock. In contrast to some other new productions on the market, this album is pure, straightforward and recorded up close , as it should be for the blues.

Munich Talk listening tip: The lightness of "All Along the Watchtower" and the heaviness of "Hard Times" writes: The Andreas Diehlmann Band brings their blues over heavy and rocky . Quite a few things are reminiscent of ZZ Top's forefathers . Absolute tip and the conclusion: "The best Texas blues rock that does not come from Texas" .


Andreas Diehlmann - Guitar / Vocals

Volker Zeller - bass / vocals

Tom Bonn - drums


Rolf Dressler - Live Mix & Recording

Andreas Diehlmann - Mix & Master

Markus Knierim - best club owner ever!


Total playing time: 78:32

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