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Them Chains Vinyl 180g (10/2021)

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Also as CD and MP3 available!
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After the great success of their 2019 album "Point Of No Return" (which stayed in the top 10 of the amazon bluescharts for three months , and has never left the top 100 since it was released) now follows with "Mercy On Me" the new studio album by the blues rock power trio from Kassel.


Like a well-oiled machine , the band works its way through the blues and rock history of the 60s and early 70s, always focusing on their own compositions. Jörg Sebald on bass and Tom Bonn on drums form the rhythmic dynamic foundation of the band.

Darkstars writes: You won't find better Texas Style Blues Rock in the States either. If you love classic or blues rock, you can't ignore this album.

Rockblog.Bluesspot writes: Blues Rock at its best, has the class of a song by a certain Texan trio ...

RockTimes writes: So the nine songs, the complete album, become a covetous and convincing statement in matters of blues and blues rock. This album is a blast.

Soundanalyse writes: With his 'fifth work' he has climbed the blues rock summit and is likely to repeatedly cause a furore internationally.

Andreas Diehlmann - Guitar / Organ / Vocals

Jörg Sebald - Bass

Tom Bonn - Drums


Total playing time: 44:50

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